Random Acts of Kindness

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Below are just a few stories of Random Acts of Kindness around our communities. Through these acts of kindness, you have shown the true example of service that we offer. Thank you for your kindness and the kindness that you have shared from others to the members of your communities. Because of these stories, we believe that many of the lives of the people that have been helped, no matter how small, will never be the same. It truly makes us feel honored to work with each of you. We will not be attaching property names to the stories as many have asked to remain anonymous. We sincerely hope that you find these as inspirational as we have.

    "Some of my tenants have picked up groceries for the ones that can’t get out. They have called me to see if I need anything or to just to have a conversation on the phone as they want to keep every ones spirits up including mine. My tenants have really been understanding about the 6 foot or more social distancing. I’ve been on the phone walking a couple of my residents through setting up their tenant portal for payment. They say safety first. My community have really pulled together during this adventure as they call it."

    "I was out and about in the park and a resident stopped me and asked me to stick around for a minute because he had something for me. I waited a few minutes while he went to his car and he came back with a bag of 10 large avocados! This small gesture meant so much to be because during this time produce is scarce and we are all trying our best to follow the stay at home order. This small act of kindness meant so much to me and family. We made a bowl of guacamole and homemade tortilla chips!"

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