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This month we shine the spotlight on our IPG Operations Analyst, Katie Pomares. We are extremely grateful to have her a part of the IPG family!

"In 2018, I had my first job right out of college. I was working in Public Finance as an analyst working on “deals” which translated to making Excel spreadsheets all day long for top senior advisors. I knew I needed something a little more interesting and fast paced. I decided to apply for the position of Operations Analyst at IPG. During my initial interview with David Cornell, he said, “This is a unique position that will give you a high overview of property management and you will have your hands in several departments.” Boy, was that an accurate statement! He drew a diagram which seemed a little overwhelming but I was up for the challenge. After my first day, I came home to my husband and said, “Oh yeah, I am going to like it here.” My daily tasks can vary from ordering uniforms to creating budgets for new acquisitions. (We have closed on 27 properties since my time at IPG and more are coming in the near future!) 
My past two years at IPG have been exciting and not a slow day goes by. There is always something new and my knowledge has expanded greatly. I thrive on helping people and feel so lucky to be able to help my team even if it is just helping Dan Ogden send a calendar invite. :) The best part about IPG is working with great co-workers and the work life balance, especially now with working from home. During my free time, I enjoy spending it at the park with my 15-month-old daughter and husband. We are enjoying the time with her before our baby boy comes in April. Between work and family life, my day to day life is crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way!"

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